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A Pharmacy with Unending Dedication

to Serve the Community


We continue serving to the best of our ability. DesertRx Pharmacy highly values your time, your trust and your loyalty so we meet your demands with quality pharmacy services. Ask our pharmacist about your medication plan!

About Us

The authors of this humble organization have always envisioned a community where the public can have easy access to the medicine they need. They have realized the fact that timeliness is a key factor; a few minutes of delay in medicine consumption might spell life and death for an individual.

With DesertRx Pharmacy, you can be sure that your prescription will be with you right when you need it. We do regular prescription refills as well as one-stop services. Also, you will be assured of genuine and quality drugs, all at reasonable prices.

We have also realized the lack of options in the commercial medicine market. So we have fashioned a medicine service where the product will be just as intended by your prescribing physician. That way, you won’t have to settle for the limited dosages available in the market.

Also, we do not stop there. Our pharmacists are compassionate and approachable individuals that you can easily tell your prescription concerns to.

We’ve got a lot in store for you. You may call us at (760) 836-3738.

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